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Welcome! I’m Mary Gilkerson, an artist obsessed with capturing color & light in my paintings.
My fascination for the way that light moves through the natural world keeps me deeply connected to the spaces and places I move through on a daily basis.
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Day 1 – The ART + WORK + LIVING 5 Day Painting Challenge

Welcome to Day 1 - The ART + WORK + LIVING 5 Day Painting Challenge page! You can add your painting and blog link below starting January 18, 2018 1am ET. To register to receive the daily prompts, go here. Click here to add your...
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Daily Painting Practice: How to Pick Subjects

Don’t let picking out a subject slow you down. Paint what’s around you, what you know. When you paint things you know your connection to them, your passion, will come through. Even if they’re relatively banal subjects. 1-Two main sources for subjects: Direct...
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Daily Painting Practice: Tools & Materials

What are the tools and materials to make it easy to get started with a daily painting practice? In today's video I'll go over the basics that will let you dive right into getting 2018 off to a great start with a daily painting practice. Here's a quick summary: Work...
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Daily Painting: Why Start A Practice

What are some of the reasons you should think about starting a daily painting practice? Pull up a chair and watch today’s video to find out how painting daily can impact these three things:

How productivity can come from small blocks of time
How painting regularly creates flow: freely & loosely
How unique style happens effortlessly

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How to Pick a Painting Subject

How to Pick a Painting Subject and Avoid Waiting for Inspiration
A short discussion on how to pick a painting subject and avoid the frustration of…

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