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Welcome! I’m Mary Gilkerson, an artist obsessed with capturing color & light in my paintings.
My fascination for the way that light moves through the natural world keeps me deeply connected to the spaces and places I move through on a daily basis.
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Backroad in Sun and Shadow

There's something magical about summer, whether it's the longer days, rich greens, trips to the beach, or the smell after a thunderstorm. The lightning bugs have been plentiful this year, whizzing around the yard at dusk, dancing little lights. One of my favorite...

It’s Hard to Go Green

Today's painting thoughts cover a HOW TO DEAL WITH GREENS. Going green can be so hard! No I don't mean recycling or getting rid of solvents in your studio. I'm talking about working with the color green. Have you ever been totally intimidated by the greens...

Why Critiques Are Important

Critiques are a vital part of the reflection phase of developing a habit, as well as giving a strong sense of accountability. So don't be afraid to ask for critiques or give them, as long as they're done in a positive constructive way. I dive into just...

Cropping for Strong Compositions

Today's painting thoughts cover a BIG TOPIC: COMPOSITION. It's all about understanding how to direct the viewer around the picture plane in interesting ways. Cropping is one of the most powerful tools you've got to improve your compositions. AND it's...

The Beauty of Failure

Fear of failure can stop us dead in our tracks, paralyzed, and afraid to make a move. But failure can actually be a good thing, a productive part of a daily practice. This video was made during the AWL 5 Day Painting Challenge right at the midway point when the nature of the challenge really forces you to let go. If you’ve ever been slowed down by perfectionism, then this is for you.