How to Pick a Painting Subject and Avoid Waiting for Inspiration
A short discussion on how to pick a painting subject and avoid the frustration of waiting around for inspiration.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Do NOT wait around to be inspired. Take small steps everyday. And I mean starting TODAY.
  • Remember that your painting doesn’t have to save the world.
  • Pull your subjects from the world around you. It’ll make for a direct emotional connection.
  • Three great sources for subjects: direct observation/working from life, your own photographs, copyright-free photographs.

The freebie for this episode will GET YOU STARTED WITH FINDING INSPIRING PHOTOS:

You’ll hear me talk about options for finding subjects in the video. Then, if want a list of great places to search for copyright-free photographs, grab the cheatsheet and get that hunt started.

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