I have a special guest with me today for a live interview. Sandra Angelo is an artist who focuses on drawing in her own work, and helping others make drawing a part of their lives.

Here’s what we covered:

  • How did Sandra get started as an artist?
  • What moves and motivates Sandra as she makes art?
  • How does Sandra manage her time and structure her creativity?
  • Sandra talks about a personal success.
  • Sandra discuss setbacks she has experienced as an artist.
  • What one habit has contributed to Sandra’s success?
  • Why does Sandra feel drawing is such a crucial foundation?
  • How does studying drawing benefit a student? Sandra shares a favorite student story (Orville’s story)

And finally, Sandra shared an invitation to a special event she has going on starting December 26th. To join in Sandra’s 13 days celebration of drawing with free drawing lessons daily and a grand finale masterclass, head over to