Daily Painting Practice: Tools & Materials

What are the tools and materials to make it easy to get started with a daily painting practice?

In today’s video I’ll go over the basics that will let you dive right into a daily painting practice.

Here’s a quick summary:

Work small so that the day’s painting doesn’t feel too precious. Use small panels (Ampersand Gessoboards) or canvases, around 5 x 7″ or 6 x 8”. Can substitute Arches Oil Paper to cut custom sizes if you’d like. Ampersand Gessoboards taped to slightly larger foam core boards make it easy to paint all the way to the edges.

Use larger brushes or painting knives so that you’ll stay loose and keep your shapes more simple. A bonus to using knives is they make cleanup a breeze. Wipe off and you’re good to go.

Use a double primary palette with a handful of convenience colors and mix your paint before you start painting. Painting similar subjects means you’ll be using similar colors. A Masterson Box or similar covered container will keep your paint from drying out. Put a cotton ball with 3 drops of clove oil in the center to help the paint stay moist

A slightly smaller piece of plexiglass makes a great palette that can be dropped into the Masterson Box until needed the next day.

Remember, consistency over quantity. 20-30 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

I went over the benefits of starting a daily painting practice in this video, but one of the main rewards is painting faster with more ease.

We’re focusing on exactly that in the upcoming ART + WORK + LIVING 5 Day Painting Challenge starting January 16th, 2019.

So what’s involved in the challenge?

It’s really super simple, to make a 20-30 minute painting for 5 days straight. Each day set a timer like the one on your phone for 20 minutes (paint mixing time doesn’t count), grab your largest brush or knife, and let her rip! Keep it simple and look for the big shapes. When the timer goes off STOP!!

Subject matter, medium, and size is completely your choice but I’d suggest staying smaller.

Then if you’d like you can share your 20 minute painting with others working on the challenge here in the group. We’re also setting up a collaborative Pinterest board for participants so that you’ll also have a chance to pick up some traffic to your website.

Are you in?