Part 1

Part 2

This week I welcomed back my friend, Sandra Angelo, in two livestreams on my Facebook page.

We had a great conversation about art in general and did a deep dive into one of her favorite topics, Colored Pencil Secrets.

I was a drawing major in undergraduate school and used colored pencils a lot back then.

But we’re talking about the dark ages of colored pencils. The only brand for artists at the time was Prismacolor, a great one, but now there are a huge range of possiblities!

In the first part, Sandra shares the answers to the #1 question she gets about colored pencil, “What paper and pencils will work the best?”

Then in Part 2 Sandra talks about combining pencils with other media, ones you’re probably already using like watercolor, ink, or oil pastels..

I’m a big believer in cross training, so my challenge for you is to think about ways you could explore colored pencils with the media of your choice.

Happy Painting!