Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

What makes a good composition?
One that is visually interesting, holds the viewer’s attention, and leads the viewer’s eye around the whole picture plane.

Where I start 

  • Focal Point
  • Framing
  • Line Direction (leading lines)
  • Point of View

Focal Point – Emphasis

  • Area that holds the eye the longest, that has the most visual weight
  • Placement and position
  • Most contrast


  • Use framing to position the focal point
  • Crop until it hurts
  • Remove extraneous detail
  • Proportion
  • Format

Line Direction (leading lines)

  • The human eye is drawn to lines
  • Real and implied lines created by shapes
  • The power of linear perspective
  • Diagonal lines

Point of View

  • Bird’s eye
  • Worm’s eye
  • Eye level
  • Front
  • Back
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