Today’s painting thoughts cover a BIG TOPIC: COMPOSITION.

It’s all about understanding how to direct the viewer around the picture plane in interesting ways.

Cropping is one of the most powerful tools you’ve got to improve your compositions. AND it’s available whether you’re working from photographs or observation. With photographs, use the crop tool in your app. When working from observation, use a viewfinder (an old slide mount will work).

Here are 5 quick tips for using cropping to make your compositions more dynamic:

1. Move the focal point out of the center.
2. Align the horizon line or eye level above or below the vertical center.
3. Utilize the rule of thirds.
4. Zoom in on your subject and eliminate excessive detail or dead space.
5. Use leading lines (line direction) to draw the viewer into the composition.

Crop until it hurts!

Then you’ll end up with a truly focused, dynamic composition.

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