Today’s painting thoughts cover a HOW TO DEAL WITH GREENS.

Going green can be so hard!

No I don’t mean recycling or getting rid of solvents in your studio. I’m talking about working with the color green.

Have you ever been totally intimidated by the greens in a high summer landscape?

I fully admit that I used to be one of the many painters intimidated by the color, the problem child in most people’s palette.

I’d get all set up to paint and it was all a sea of green. PANIC!

Then the cicadas would start their whining, and it would move right into my head.

And I’d go right back to my default green that I used in every painting.

In this short video I’ve got two suggestions for getting past “The Greens” (and the whining cicadas, although if you listen closely I think you’ll hear them starting up about midway.)

Experiment a bit and let me know what works for you.

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