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The Beauty of Failure

Fear of failure can stop us dead in our tracks, paralyzed, and afraid to make a move. But failure can actually be a good thing, a productive part of a daily practice. This video was made during the AWL 5 Day Painting Challenge right at the midway point when the nature of the challenge really forces you to let go. If you’ve ever been slowed down by perfectionism, then this is for you.

Feeding Your Creativity

Feeling stuck, blocked, uninspired, or bored? It can be super frustrating when it feels like your creativity has just disappeared. Here are some ideas for getting those juices flowing again and getting yourself past those limiting feelings. If you've got...

What Makes a Good Composition?

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss: What makes a good composition?
One that is visually interesting, holds the viewer’s attention, and leads the viewer’s eye around the whole picture plane. Where I start –
Focal Point
Line Direction (leading lines)
Point of View

How to Pick a Painting Subject

How to Pick a Painting Subject and Avoid Waiting for Inspiration
A short discussion on how to pick a painting subject and avoid the frustration of…

How to Use the Power of Video for Building Your Audience

If you're just getting started in the online world, video is a great way to build engagement with your audience. And here in the US the countdown to Turkey Day is on . Which means we’re moving into the holiday retail season, one of the best times of the year to build...

The Importance of Rituals and Habits to Succeeding as a Creative

Habits and rituals set up the space where you can create freely, intuitively and in flow. Watch the video above to find 6 Steps To Creating A Daily Practice That Works For You. 1. Your “Special Place”  Where will you physically be when you paint? 2. Your “Ideal Hour” ...

Using Value To Make Magnetic Paintings

Magnetic paintings. We all want to paint them. The ones that seem to reach out,  grab, and engage viewers even from the opposite side of the room…

Which Plein Air Easel To Pick?

With summer weather luring people outside, which easel to use has been a prominent topic for at least the last month in my group, Art+Work+Living. At times the debate has waged loudly between some of the more popular brands. Here's my two cents. I don't have a...

The Power of Video for Artists

Most of us struggle with staying on top of producing consistent content, getting those blogposts written. Video has the power to change all that. Over and over again I hear artists talk about how much easier it is to talk about their work than to write about it. Well,...