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Three Myths About Being Successful As An Artist

There are three keys to consistently making art that you love, that feeds your soul, as well as having an impact on the world.

So in order to have that sustained, sustainable, creative practice, you need to build a solid painting practice. You need to develop an engaged audience and you need to nurture a sustainable creative mindset.

I talked about the first a good bit last week.

The second is what I’m going to talk about today, and that is to build an engaged audience.

I’m going to be focusing entirely on that engaged audience component.

There are three myths about being successful as an artist that I want to debunk because they lead directly to a lot of people not being able to do that.

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Making Art You Love (part 1)

There are three keys to consistently making art that you love, that feeds your soul as well as having an impact in the world. And the impact of your art is directly related to the strength, passion, and originality of your painting.

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How to Get a Painting Style: Your Style Is Your Story

We’ve been talking about STYLE over in my Facebook group, ART+WORK+LIVING, for the last few days.

Two of the questions I get asked at every single workshop or course I teach are “How do I get a style”, and “Do I have to have a style?”

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