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It’s Not Just About Blue And Yellow

What if I said that some of the best greens aren't made with blue and yellow? In this short video I’m sharing five different greens that aren't made by mixing blue and yellow. Color mixing can lead to some surprises when we move off the usual pathways....

It’s Hard to Go Green

Today's painting thoughts cover HOW TO DEAL WITH GREENS. Going green can be so hard! No I don't mean recycling or getting rid of solvents in your studio. I'm talking about working with the color green. Have you ever been totally intimidated by the greens...

Why Critiques Are Important

Critiques are a vital part of the reflection phase of developing a habit, as well as giving a strong sense of accountability. So don't be afraid to ask for critiques or give them, as long as they're done in a positive constructive way. I dive into just...

Cropping for Strong Compositions

Today's painting thoughts cover a BIG TOPIC: COMPOSITION. It's all about understanding how to direct the viewer around the picture plane in interesting ways. Cropping is one of the most powerful tools you've got to improve your compositions. AND it's...

The Beauty of Failure

Fear of failure can stop us dead in our tracks, paralyzed, and afraid to make a move. But failure can actually be a good thing, a productive part of a daily practice. This video was made during the AWL 5 Day Painting Challenge right at the midway point when the nature of the challenge really forces you to let go. If you’ve ever been slowed down by perfectionism, then this is for you.

Feeding Your Creativity

Feeling stuck, blocked, uninspired, or bored? It can be super frustrating when it feels like your creativity has just disappeared. Here are some ideas for getting those juices flowing again and getting yourself past those limiting feelings. If you've got...

What Makes a Good Composition?

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss: What makes a good composition?
One that is visually interesting, holds the viewer’s attention, and leads the viewer’s eye around the whole picture plane. Where I start –
Focal Point
Line Direction (leading lines)
Point of View

Daily Painting Practice: How to Pick Subjects

Don’t let picking out a subject slow you down. Paint what’s around you, what you know. When you paint things you know your connection to them, your passion, will come through. Even if they’re relatively banal subjects. 1-Two main sources for subjects: Direct...

How to Pick a Painting Subject

How to Pick a Painting Subject and Avoid Waiting for Inspiration
A short discussion on how to pick a painting subject and avoid the frustration of…

How to Use the Power of Video for Building Your Audience

If you're just getting started in the online world, video is a great way to build engagement with your audience. And here in the US the countdown to Turkey Day is on . Which means we’re moving into the holiday retail season, one of the best times of the year to build...