See Through
an Artist’s Eyes!

Come along with me as I chase light, color, and clouds across the landscape.

In my latest adventure I’ve been deep in the SC Lowcountry, creating a new collection of paintings.

Join me on this journey and get sneak peeks (~ 3x/ week) and a special VIP preview of the new collections when they're released!

The Scent of the Lowcountry

The Scent of the Lowcountry6 x 6"Oil on panel I've always relaxed and let me breath out a notch when I get back to the Lowcountry and can smell that rich earthy aroma of the mud.Everybody in my very large and extended family on the island...

Marsh, Late Afternoon

Marsh, Late Afternoon 8 x 10" Oil on panel  From The Lowcountry Collection by Mary Bentz Gilkerson, inspired by sights and scents of the South Carolina/Georgia Lowcountry, a magical rich area full of captivating odors - salty air, hot sun...

The Lowcountry: Marsh, Late Afternoon

I got stopped dead in my tracks by a question not long ago.

“What’s the low country?”

For anyone raised below the Fall Line in South Carolina, the question is unimaginable.

Winter Sunset, Minervaville // SOLD

Today is the shortest day of the year, and the longest night.

Winter Solstice.

I love the winter light, but not the cold, so I’m celebrating the return of the light.

And lots more beautiful winter light before the return of spring.

Evening Light, Edisto

The SC Sea Islands are magical! Just imagine broad wide open marshes flickering with reflected light from a myriad of tiny creeks running through them. Skies so wide open you can watch storms roll in from miles away. And then there are the hundreds of live oak and...

Below the Corn

It’s an odd feeling to drive a narrow road between two cornfields with the sea of green stalks rising up over you. Almost overnight the corn in the…

Distant Rain

Summer storm clouds have a tendency to be dramatic with lots of upsweeping drama and downsweeping rain. As much as I love to watch summer storms, they can be intense and frightening as they release the energy built up from our heat.

Backroad in Sun and Shadow

There's something magical about summer, whether it's the longer days, rich greens, trips to the beach, or the smell after a thunderstorm. The lightning bugs have been plentiful this year, whizzing around the yard at dusk, dancing little lights....

Heathwood, Spring Morning

“Heathwood, Spring Morning”, oil, 8 x 10”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
Early morning spring light looking out over the fields surrounding Heathwood Hall.

Thoreau said, “One attraction in coming to the woods to live was that I should have leisure and opportunity to see the spring come in.”

Heathwood Fields, Morning Haze

“Heathwood Fields, Morning Haze”, oil, 8 x 10”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
Morning haze blended with the smoke from a controlled burn to create perfect diffused light.

A cool but beautiful day to be painting outside with artist friends and a great group of high school students at Heathwood Hall.