Edisto Island Collection

Evening Light, Edisto

The SC Sea Islands are magical! Just imagine broad wide open marshes flickering with reflected light from a myriad of tiny creeks running through them. Skies so wide open you can watch storms roll in from miles away. And then there are the hundreds of live oak and...

Dawn Clouds

The first morning light gives a silvery light to the clouds in the western sky and reflect across the flooded marshes. Full high tide and morning light…

Late Afternoon Light, Edisto Island

The last blaze of intense light on a late winter/early spring afternoon on Edisto Island. The marshes along Fishing Creek are subdued, without their summertime glaring greens.

Edisto Island Morning

Early morning light with clouds means silvery reflections on the surface of Beach Creek (aka Scott Creek) on Edisto Island. That time of day is so still that you can hear the surf even from a quarter mile away…

Evening Light, Edisto Island

An early spring sunset casts a soft hazy pink glow over Edisto Island. Light flickers out across the marshes from the dozens of small creeks that split…

Edisto Palmetto

I was just down there in September to teach a plein air painting workshop. This was the first one of the workshop, done at a friend’s house along…

Early Morning, Scott Creek

The early morning light over Scott Creek is always gorgeous, rain or shine. On this morning the sky was clear and filled with the warm light of fall.

Steamboat Landing, Dawn

Edisto Island’s Steamboat Landing is a very quiet place at dawn. Even the water in the river is still without a breeze moving across its surface.

Morning Rain Over The Marsh

Watching the early morning rain move over the marsh is both beautiful and meditative. The wide open skies and vast space…

Fall Sunset Over the Marsh

The light over the marsh as the sun goes down is pure gold this time of year, liquid light melting over the grasses. There’s no water showing since the tide was out, leaving the shorter, more mauve grasses exposed.