The Fields Collection

Spring Fields, Evening Shadows

  $325 (unframed) + FREE SHIPPING THROUGH SUNDAY 2/25 MIDNIGHT PT In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. ~  Margaret Atwood Long shadows in the early evening light reveal the fresh rows in the recently plowed...

Minervaville, Fall Sunset

$235 (unframed) + $10 shipping/handling I love the evening skies in the fall and winter, but particularly the fall. It seems like the shift in light comes on suddenly somewhere about October 1st and the sun heads to the south, leaving...

Fall, Grove at Sunset

$325 (unframed) + $15 shipping/handling What is that blue stuff overhead?! We’ve finally got some blue sky overhead and it’s making me giddy!! The strong sunlight at the end of the day made a great streak of light green across the field...

Fall Rain Over Cotton Fields

“Fall Rain Over Cotton Fields”, oil, 4 x 6″, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
Cotton fields at this time of year are a mass of rich green leaves and pale lavender and white blooms, colors that are at odds with the fading greens in the rest of the landscape.

Today they looked particularly rich against the looming purples and…

Weston Fields, Late Summer

$325 (unframed) + $15 shipping/handling There’s a blue haze in late summer/early fall that gets between the tree line and your line of sight, especially when there’s been a good bit of rain. Backlighting sets the edges of the clouds...

Summer Evening Clouds

Trailing clouds leave streamers of color across the evening sky. The light glinting off the clouds completely captured me.

Minervaville, Full Green

“Minervaville, Full Green”, oil, 4 x 6″, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
Winter grains, I’m not sure whether it’s wheat or rye, creates a mass of almost obscene green in the fields along Minervaville. It’s a riotous green that’s much darker and more intense than the light yellow green of the new spring foliage in the woods.

Incoming Spring Storm

$235 (unframed) + FREE SHIPPING THROUGH SUNDAY 2/25 MIDNIGHT PT  An incoming storm casts interesting shadows across a fallow field waiting for spring planting. The empty field is such a great carrier of shadows and lights from both clouds...